Tuesday, July 19th

Blueberries from Steve & Alison

So, my older brother Steve and his wife Alison have a rather large field with some (A LOT) of “free range” blueberry bushes.   He sent out the family email today signaling that it is picking time.  The message came into my inbox at just past 3pm and I was out of work at 5pm and heading towards their house by 6:15.
The only live 3.5 miles from my place so I decided it would be more fun to take the Salsa Fargo instead of driving up.  No need to get in the car on such a beautiful day.

The Rhodes Field
My "grocery getter" today...
Sweet and yummy blueberries

As I was picking  berries Alison and my niece Elizabeth came down their driveway headed out to get some ice cream in town.  They stopped and chatted with me for a bit and called up to Steve at the house to tell him I was down there.
I think my niece is going to be taller than me by the end of 2011.  It kind of makes me feel old.

Steve joined me too

Steve and I talked and picked for about an hour.  It was nice  being able to spend time with my older brother and I have to thank him and Alison for the berries.
When all was said and done I ended up with about 2-2.5lbs and we barely put a dent into the inventory.


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