Christmas Lights Tour 2011

The 1st Annual(?) Christmas Light Tour

December 13, 2011

On very short notice Paul, Freestlye, Eric Lovering and I all got together for a cruise around Concord.  The purpose?  Solely to see what people had for Christmas lights and decorations adorning their yards.
We all met at Bicentennial Square at 7:45pm.  It was chilly and the moon was trying to peek out from behind some clouds.  I dressed as warmly as I could.  I knew it was not going to be a hard ride and there would be lots of stopping and goofing off.

Fargo, again my choice of ride for tonight

We first decided to head towards Broadway and the South End.  I used to live off of Broadway so I knew of a couple houses that had potential.

Eric likes this sleigh
These guys are famous for what they do for all holidays

The above picture doesn’t do justice for what the owners of Cobblestone Design do to their house.  I like their Halloween setup the best though.

Leg Lamp!!
Steam from my hands
We even got Paul's house
Go Freestyle
Eric finds more reindeer
The state tree is a "leaner"

Freestyle doing his thing

It was a blast and we only covered the greater downtown and south end.  There is plenty more to see in and around Concord.

Thanks for reading!


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