Trail Mapping

Sunday 12/18/2011

Paul and I met in Bow to map out/walk a potential loop for a new trail in the Bow Town Forest.   It was the first time for both of us actually trying to map something like this out.  We were hoping Jeff Warner would be able to make it.  He has played a big role for quite a few of the new trails in the School Forest and surrounding area.
Paul and I assume we were on town land for the most part.  We did not see any property markers or such.  We did run into some thumb tacks stuck in trees, which I believe is some marker for hunters.

Pink duct tape marks the route

The whole of what we mapped out is a little more than half a mile I think.  We did a loop off the power lines and eventually hooked up with the Line Trail for a few hundred feet before moving back into the woods for more marking.  When mixing Line and this new proposed loop, it would make about a 1 mile loop.
Being our first attempt, we were cautious.  We did keep running into a few low spots with water, the goal was to avoid those areas.  We also couldn’t make the trail  too twisty and technical as it is supposed to be a “multi-use” trail and could see hikers, bikers, XC skiers, snowshoe users, etc.
The whole purpose of this trail and the others that have been built has been to get us off the snowmobile trails.  It makes life a tad more interesting and in the winter get’s users away from snowmobilers.
We’ll see what Jeff thinks when we can get out there with him and Paul and I will keep people in touch as to the progress of the trail too.
Thanks for reading.


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  1. Jeff says:

    Sounds likw a good start. Can you send me a gps plot of your loop? Hilary and I did some maintenance on the super secret trail on Saturday.


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