Everyday Cafe with Mia

Woke up this morning to drizzle and blah weather.  It totally figures….as soon as I picked up my new bike the weather has sucked been less than favorable.  I really want to get outside and test out the Trek Speed Concept.  Alas, it looks like that is not going to happen this weekend.

So instead of riding, Mia and I headed out to Tooky and went to The Everyday Cafe for breakfast.  The owner/chef Christian is a really cool dude, his partner Lisa is super nice and their counter person Becca is really nice too.  Located in dowtown Tooky, The Everyday Cafe has fast become one of our favorite places for breakfast or to just grab a coffee and pastry.
They serve White Mountain Coffee which is roasted right here in Concord, NH.  They aspire to serve locally sourced food as much as possible and while they also have a full blown sandwich menu,  they serve breakfast all day, which is fine by me!  Also of note is they constantly have art shows and promote local artists on their walls, have local bands to come in and play and sell local music, and you can even purchase maple syrup and pottery that is locally made.

I’m a big fan of their scones.  There is something really different about how he does his compared to some of the scone choices in Concord.  I also highly recommend their muffins.  Mia tends to lean towards the triple chocolate muffin, while today I went for a coffee cake along with both of us getting a breakfast sandwich too.

I’ve not had a single bad thing to eat here.  I recommend checking them out!

Good way to start the day!

I did end up getting in a short 1 hour ride after the rain stopped.  Unfortunately not on the Trek, but I tossed the fenders on the Soma Double Cross and took that bike out instead.

Thanks for reading!


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