Weekend of Riding

Holy Cow!  What a nice weekend!

The weekend weather was pretty fantastic.  They some what blew Saturday’s forecast, as the sun never shone, but it did hit the mid 50’s and I got out for a nice long 4+ hour ride.  I did the first 3:10 solo on my road bike and then swung back by my house to meet Paul and did another 1+ hour ride with Paul on the Trek Speed Concept.  I’m finally getting that bike dialed in.  I think I need to raise the seat a bit since my left knee, which has been a bit sensitive since an injury 2 years ago, was tweaking a bit towards the end.

I did not set any land speed records this early in the year, but I did get in almost 70 miles between the two bikes.  I cannot complain about that since it is only mid March!

Only a few pics from Saturday’s ride.  I was more interested in just riding and was bundled up since it was cool and damp while I was riding.

I liked this homemade sign.

This was standing last year when I biked by.

The forecast for Sunday was more or less “fabulous”.  Mia and I had decided on Thursday to head out to Hampton Beach for a seacoast ride if the forecast held true.  We were both a bit nervous this morning.  We woke to low 30’s and heavy fog.  The weather forecast promised for a quick clearing though.  So we packed up the car and headed to Hampton State Beach.

We were dressed and on the road by 10AM.  The traffic was light and not a lot of people were out.  We easily got a parking spot at the state beach for FREE!

Not a lot of traffic (yet)
March 18th and we are at the beach!
Mia's Cannondale CAAD10 enjoying the beach

We basically did the first 20-ish miles of the GSW Seacoast Century.  We rode up the coast and into Portsmouth, and then a loop through Portsmouth, back towards the coast and back to the car.  Since that is a horrible description, you can just look at the GPS data.

Mia rides by the Wentworth by the Sea
Cutting through Portsmouth

We found a slight headwind on the way back and it was getting quite warm too.  Lots more people were out from Wallis Sands all the way down to Hampton State Beach.  It was almost as busy as an early June weekend.

When we got back to the car there were people flying some pretty huge kites.  This one was my favorite.

Giant flying panda

We finished with 40 miles of riding.  Not too bad and definitely a nice day to be out for awhile.  I’m always happy to ride with Mia and today was a total blast.
Our next goal was of course food!

We headed back to Portsmouth and stopped at my favorite area coffee shop.  Breaking New Grounds (check them out on Facebook).  I treated myself to some red velvet cake and an iced coffee.  It was good!

Red Velvet cake and iced coffee

I hope everyone else got to enjoy this very rare March weekend.  The weather was great.

Thanks for reading.


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