B.O.B. Roll in the Hay Cyclocross Cat. 4

So yesterday was my first cyclocross race in 2 years.  It went okay.  Most of my training is “steady state” and I’m lacking that high end right now.  I cannot complain with the result.  33rd out of 63 racers.  They seeded us be date registered, so as # 960 and only 63 people registered, I was way in the back row….Like 9th row.  So Needless to say, just the fact that I finished in the top 35 was okay by me.  That was a lot of moving up to do.

We ended up with 5 laps of racing.  About 1200 feet of climbing.  This course was pretty hilly.  I overcooked a corner in the first 5 minutes of racing and went sliding across the grass, but corrected any mistakes after that.

The bike handled okay.  It doesn’t like the off camber tight stuff overly  much.  I was having a tough time in one section with 3 S-turns that were all on an off camber.  I kept having to fight the bike through this section.

Here is a video I found from the 45+ race.  This is not me, and I am not positive who shot it.  I don’t know the guy, but you can see the first lap of his race.

I’m glad to also report that the Stan’s Alpha 340 wheelset performed pretty darn nice.  I think the Michelin Mud2 tires were probably my issue with the off camber stuff.  I had no issues with burping the tires or anything else.  I had 24 psi in the front and about 28 psi in the rear.

Stan’s 340 worked well in the first race

I did have one issue on lap 3 where my chain came off the front ring.  Odd since I am running a single ring.  This took me about 20 seconds to remedy.  I’ll have to keep an eye on that and maybe take out a link or two on the chain.

Next Saturday is Williston, VT.  I tossed a 39 tooth ring to replace the 42 on the front for this race.  It too has a fair amount of climbing.
I am still trying to decide if I drive up the day of (2.5 hours) or grab a hotel Friday night?

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  1. Adam Walton says:

    Pete, congrats on the race. I am a newbie who was left trailing in your wake. Really enjoyed my first cross race but was also running Mud 2 and having handling problems on off-camber sections. I put it down to my poor bike-handling so was interested in your comment – what’s your overall view of these tyres (I am on clinchers )? What terrain should I worry about? Thanks, Adam

  2. onrhodes says:

    @Adam- I’m a big fan of the muds for all around use. They are good at everything, but not great at everything. If I was going to race that course again, I would want something with a little more side knob. Not sure what would have worked best though. I’ve only used Mud2 and Vittoria for clinchers. Some of the Maxxis tires look promising though.
    I think races like Sucker Brook they should be fine. Curious to see how the go in VT this weekend.

    1. Adam Walton says:

      Good luck in VT, good to hear that you see Muds as a good all-rounder, ironically I heard that thick mud is the most challenging for these tires (I’m a Brit but should use US spellings unlike previous comment). I am just starting out so don’t want to invest in many tire choices just yet. I am planning to do White Park, Gloucester and Sucker Brook over next few weeks.

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