Green Mountain Cyclocross Day 1

I made the long haul up to Williston, VT this past Saturday for day 1 of the Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend.  It’s been a very long time since I raced at the Catamount Center.  Probably way back in my college days is the last time I went.  I wasn’t sure how the day would go since I had worked almost 60 hours in the past 6 days at my day job.  My only rides where to and from work and one quick spin Friday before the race.

I got to race specifically in the “I used to be fast” group (cat. 4, 35+).  I’ve never been a spectacular cross racer, but at least when I get to race the 35+ race I know it is mostly guys like me, we used to race something else (road, mtn, etc) when we were younger but now we’ve got the real job and other responsibilities.  There is the smattering of “late bloomers” who just started racing and really are category 4 racers.  They’re generally the people crashing in the first few sections (I only slightly jest).

The course was a fair amount of sustained climbing with a couple ripping downhills, tight turns and two forced dismounts to run up some wooden stairs, plus 1 set of barriers.  It is probably the longest course I have ever raced.

My race went well.  I still don’t have that top end for the starts.  I did feel better this weekend on the runs though.  I ended up 9th in the 35+ group, so I cannot complain about that.

I also got to see quite a few people I have not seen in a long while.  Melody, Chris, Matt, it was cool to see them all again.

No pics as Mia had the camera for her 2nd attack on Reach the Beach NH relay.  This was probably the biggest downer of my day…..I drove 2.5 hours to VT, raced, drove 3 hours to the NH Seacoast to pick up Mia, then drove another 1 hour back home.  I could have driven to Bar Harbor or some place like that in all that time……

Anyways…Mia’s team The Rockin’ DOTs (a bunch of Dept. of Transportation workers) rocked the mixed open category.  Finishing 4th in their class and 66th overall.  Not too shabby.  Mia and her team really kicked some butt.    It’s not an easy event, but one I recommend to anyone who wants to try something out of the ordinary.

That’s it for today..quick post…..

Thanks for reading


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