West End Farm Trail

There is a new connector trail system in Concord.  It’s called the West End Farm Trail.  Saturday November 3rd was the official kick off of the trail system, but I missed that event while running the Jack London 10K in Nashua.  So Mia and I hiked it on Sunday instead.

Farms would be at better title

It is a 7.5 mile (each way) hike that combines the I-89 bike path near St. Paul’s School and then the conservation easements of 3 local farms.  Dimond Hill Farm, Rossview Farm, and Carter Hill Orchard.

We skipped the bike path portion of the hike and parked just off exit 3 on 89 near the western end of the bike path.  From here it was a quick walk up the pavement and quickly into the woods.  I am pretty familiar with the first 2 miles of this hike since it is a place we have mountain biked on several occasions.

After 2 miles you pop out at Dimond Hill Farm and have to walk through the back part of their corn and gourd fields.  Cross the road and follow the trail through the back portion of their land and down to Currier Road.

Mia sets the pace
pile o’ gourds
Great views from Dimond Hill Farm

After crossing Currier Road you meander through the woods and come out at the end of District 5 road and onto the property of Rossview farm.

Very well constructed bridge

This section passes a beaver created pond and then a larger pond and some of Rossview’s back fields.  The second pond was the rest stop for about 30-40 Canadian Geese making quite the racket.

mmmmm….maple syrup!

This section from Rossview to Carter Hill land is pretty meandering and you really feel like you’re deep in the woods.  It must have  been awesome back when this was nothing but pastures.  The woods are chock full of stone walls, several old stone foundations, and ponds that I never knew where there.

Some farmer’s son probably got in trouble for losing this shovel

The end of the hike leads you right into the back orchards of Carter Hill.  Their farm store was open today so Mia and I stopped in for some mid hike snacks.  Apple pie, cookies and cider donuts!  Okay, some of it we brought home with us, but they won’t last long.

Mid-hike apple pie!

We made pretty good time from the start to Carter Hill Orchard.  6.1 miles in 2 hours.  The hike back was pretty quick and since we now had reference points, it felt like it went by quicker.

This was an awesome 12.2 mile hike right here in Concord.  No need to travel far to get in a good hike.  The trails are very mountain bike worthy too.  It will make an excellent snowshoe trip come snowfall too.

You can park in several spots to make this hike anywhere from a 15 mile round trip epic day to just a 2 mile jaunt through the woods.  I’d recommend bringing some cash so that you can get some snacks at Carter Hill, the farm store is open until December 16th this year.

It would make for a really great trail run too.

So, go check it out, bring some water and sturdy shoes.  This is not a casual walk in the woods.  Expect wet areas, some roots, rocks and lots of sights.

Thanks for reading.


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