Burdick Chocolate Annual Pilgrimage

Mia and I try to make it out to Walpole, NH and hit up Burdick Chocolate at least once a year.  This year it also happened to be my birthday weekend.  So instead of just going for coffee and dessert we made reservations for their Sunday brunch.

Burdick Chocolate in Walpole, NH

Located on Main Street in tiny Walpole, NH.  This is one of New Hampshire’s gems.  Founded in 1987, they have quickly become world famous for their high quality chocolates.  The restaurant/cafe offers up a nice selection of food and coffee.

Brunch menu

I went with the Quiche Lorraine today.  I was highly tempted for the omelette or Eggs Benedict, but the quiche won out today.  Mia went with the Bistro salad and butternut squash soup.  Both were fabulous (to use a Barefoot Contessa saying).  This is the 2nd time we’ve dined in the restaurant for a meal, and I have not been disappointed either time.

When it comes right down to it though, you have to get coffee and dessert while at the Walpole location.  Normally I am a straight up black coffee kind of guy and Mia loves her mocha and latte choices.  Burdick is a chocolate company, super high quality chocolate!  So, trust me get the mocha.

Dark Chocolate Mocha

This is one super decadent mocha.  Dark chocolate gives it an exceptionally rich taste.

For dessert I got their Harvard Square which is a dense chocolate cake with walnuts and vanilla.  Mia got the chocolate with coconut and lime cake.

Harvard Square
Chocolate with coconut and lime

It was a most excellent meal with my beautiful wife.  Thanks for taking me out for my birthday!

Mia is very serious when it comes to her desserts

Thanks for reading.


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