Bishop Brady Galloping Gobbler 2012

Registered fairly early

Every year Bishop Brady High School holds a Thanksgiving Day 4 miler.  It’s hard for me to turn down this race.  It starts early @ 9AM so you can go race and get home, and it is only like 3 miles from my house, so that makes it kind of a no brainer.

This is definitely one of the hillier courses in Concord.  For 4 miles, you gain over 430 feet according to my Garmin.  It basically stair step climbs for the first mile, then a downhill, into a very short flat section, climb again, downhill, climb again, then downhill all the way to the finish.

Random group of finishers

Turn out looked pretty good, I think I heard over 330 pre-registered participants, plus there is always the “day of” crowd.  The community definitely comes out for this one.

I went to Concord High just down the road from BBHS, but I don’t mind supporting the “rival”.

Got to see some friends, have a good time, and burn some calories before an epic day turkey and fixins’

Hope every one has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading


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