Saucony Type A5 Review

I purchased the Saucony Type A5 back in May 2012 for road races.  I wanted something specifically for 5-10K racing.  I kept my Mizuno Waverider 15 for training.
At 5.6oz these shoes are crazy light.  I cannot think of a  better way to describe them.

Great race shoes

The sole is firm and thin, that’s just how I like my shoes.  I don’t like a lot of padding and cushion, I think that makes a shoe feel less responsive.  The A5 on the other hand has a very noticeable lack of weight.  When you go from a training shoe that weighs close to twice (10.6 oz) what the A5 does, it feels like you’re wearing nothing in comparison.

My first race with the A5 I set a PR for that course, I’ve done 3 other races with these shoes since purchasing them, and each of those has been a PR too.  Some of that is attributable to the fact that I am running a bit more again, but some of that is more assuredly the mental and actual benefits of a race specific shoe.

Minimal sole tread

I am a tad concerned about the longevity of the sole.  The lugs are very small, but so far it looks like it is holding up well.  Also being strictly race shoes for my needs, I don’t expect them to wear out too fast.  The plan is to use them for 5 & 10K races.  I am still up in the air about using them for my next half marathon in February.

The upper on these shoes breathes really well.  It is similar in construction and concept as the Kinvara.  I can wear thinner running socks with these shoes and there are no hot spots or irritation from the upper.

I’m the first to admit I have a huge soft spot for Saucony products.  I first ran track in 1987 and my first shoes were Saucony.  I’ve just about always had a pair since then.  The huge 15 year gap I had in running when cycling ruled my life was about the only time I did not have more than one pair of running shoes and usually what I did have was Saucony.

I’m a toe running, supinator, so I cannot say how well these would be for a heel striker or pronator.

If you are looking for a lightweight racer and prefer a firm shoe, I don’t think you can go wrong with these.

Thanks for reading


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