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Just as things were getting back to “normal” after the holidays, I was struck down by “The Flu” and from this point forward it shall be known as the Eff-n Flu!

I even had my flu shot this year (I always do).  Turns out that with this rough flu season, it was expected that 35-40% of people who got the flu shot would still get the flu.  Guess I was one of the lucky ones……

I was laid low last Friday night and spent 3.5 days in various modes of what at times felt like death.  I guess the “lucky” part of this whole experience was at least with some flu antibodies already in my body the “experience” was greatly reduced compared to if I had not had a flu shot.  At least that is what the experts where saying on the various news stations.

Anyways.  The past 2 days I have started to feel a bit normal again.  Mia and I headed out for a long walk yesterday just so I could get the body moving again.  Today we hiked the Winant Trails from the Concord Hospital side.  For whatever reason, the parking area on Fiske Hill is locked this time of the year.

Before we started our hike though I tried a recipe I saw on Pioneer Woman on the Food Network.   Cinnamon Baked French Toast.  The only two changes I made where:

  1. I halfed the recipe since it was only two of us eating it.
  2. I added walnuts to the crumble topping.

It came out really good, and I would have to say that I will make this again.

Cinnamon Baked French Toast
Cinnamon Baked French Toast

That’s about it for now.  Time to watch some football.

Thanks for reading.


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