Stupid Groundhog!

Spring officially began this past Wednesday morning at 7:02 AM according to the news.  Also a few weeks ago The Groundhog (yup, Phil) promised an early Spring this year.  Well, he was wrong, and some one is so upset they are bring Phil up on fraud charges.

We got another 11″ of snow here in Concord this past Tuesday.  It really makes the riding  outside less than ideal.

It’s going to be one of the years here in NH where we skip spring and just go straight from winter to summer.  One day it will be 35-40 and windy, next day we’ll probably have 80’s and humidity.  At least that’s what it feel like at this point.

I’ve been doing far too much of this:

Lot's of use lately
Lot’s of use lately

and too little of this:

When will be together again?
When will we be together again?

The positive side is I have only been at the gym like twice in the past 2 weeks.  No more Gerbil on the wheel I hope.  With daylight saving having kicked in the other weekend, it is now light out until almost 7pm.  That means running outside and perhaps riding some time soon.

Today was 39 degrees and windy with gusts up to 40+ mph.  Needless to say, it was a run day.

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