Favorite Things-Part1

Going to list over several posts a few of my favorite things when it comes to  my passions.  That includes, bikes, running, hiking and of course food.

First on this list is my favorite bike.   It’s my  49cm Look 555 with mostly Campagnolo Chorus 10 speed.

look555 004
Look 555 – 49cm

I’ve had a fair number of road bikes in the past 25 years.  My Giant TCR Aluminum was probably the best race bike I ever had, but this Look just has something that none of the other bikes had.  Being “semi-retired” from racing, this guy has only seen a handful of road races and crits, lots of laps up at NHMS Thursday night races though.

I’ve been a Campagnolo guy now since about 1992-93 when I got my first Chorus 9 speed group.  This bike is decked out with mostly Campy Chorus 10 speed, most of it circa 2006 or 2008 at this point.  The only two tings not Chorus are the cassette, I ride Veloce 10 speed cassettes because they are reasonably priced, and then the Centaur Ultra Shift shifters.  I got this set before they dumbed down Centaur with the Powershift in 2010.  I’m a big fan of how these shifters feel.

The Campy Neutron wheels have been pretty flawless over the past 5 years too.  I had a set of Eurus previous to these and thought they were a bit stiff for my liking.  The Neutron are not super aero, but they are very smooth and fairly light for a clincher wheelset.

A few of the other odds and ends are DATI quick releases which are an eBay special, Selle Italia Flite saddle, with an FSA carbon seatpost, and 40cm  Ritchey Logic II bars with a 90mm Thomson x4 stem.  Also running Speedplay Zero pedals.  I was a Time pedal guy for years, but now I wonder why I ever waited so long to try Speedplay, these things are awesome.

So there you have it.  My favorite of all my bikes.

Paul and I are not fond of categorizing ourselves as “roadies” or “mtn bikers”.  We’re just plain cyclists.  If it has two wheels I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks for reading,


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