Going Bi-Coastal

So, it has been a bit quiet here for a bit.  Reason being is that I have been a tad occupied with some plane flights, job interview and exploring……In Oregon!  I have accepted a job with the city of Beaverton, which is right next to Portland.  On & Off Rhodes will be going bi-coastal soon.

As far as biking goes, Oregon looks like it is going to be good to me:

The fact that Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan live there is cool too.  The whole outdoor scene looks very promising.

My friend Juston turned me on to the job back in late January and things have just been progressing since then.  I had a phone interview a few weeks ago and then I was asked to come out and visit for a face to face.  4 days later I got a call for the offer.  It was a good offer!  How could I refuse?

So Mia and I spent 4 days getting the Portland/Oregon experience with Juston and Laurel.  It didn’t matter what the potential offer was, if we didn’t like the area, we wouldn’t be moving.  Turns out we really liked the area.  Even though we never saw this supposed 11,000+ foot mountain!  We were even on it at one point, just could never see the top.

We never saw this view while out there

I report to work the last week of May.  The next 5 weeks are going to be CRAZY!  I couldn’t be doing this without the full support of my wonderful wife Mia.  THANK YOU!  I Love you!

Pete, Mia, Juston, Laurel
Pete, Mia, Juston, Laurel

More information to follow!

Thanks for reading


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  1. John says:

    You’re gonna love it here! Welcome to the Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer!

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