Favorite Things – Part 2

Next on my list of favorite things is…..running “stuff”.

If you asked me any day of the week if I wanted to go for a bike ride or a run, 99.9% of the time I am going to say RIDE.  They other 0.1% of the time I didn’t hear your question….
Anyways, while I much prefer to ride my bike(s), I am some times pressed for time and want to get in a quick workout….therefore….running.  It’s easy to get in a pretty tough workout in just 30-40 minutes running, but riding you’re barely warmed up by then.

I put myself at the fast end of the slow guys.  I’m still trying to break 20 minutes in the 5K and would like to get into the 1:30’s for a half marathon, but then again, I’d rather be riding my bike!

So a few of my favorite running things.

1. Training -Mizuno Waverider :  Currently on the model 16.  I just really like these shoes.  They are a bit firm in the sole, but have a nice ride

Lot's of use lately
Lot’s of use lately

2. Race – Saucony Type A5: I finally convinced myself last year that I deserve a race specific shoe.  Saucony has long been a favorite of mine.  Going all the way back to junior high actually.

Saucony Type A5
Saucony Type A5

I’m moving to the land of Nike at the end of the month (Beaverton, OR) and I wonder how many people don’t wear Nike shoes?

Both Paul and I were sprinter’s in junior high and high school.  We thought anything over 400 meters was long distance.  Now with us running half’s, duathlons, triathlons, and various other on and off road running races, we’ve gotten exposed to the middle distances.

I’m personally fascinated with ultra-marathon runners like Nate and Kristina how the heck they do it astounds me.

Well anyways, thanks for reading.


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