Cross Country Move – Day 3

Today was an epic day of monotony!  Only about 510 miles of progress today, but we did get out of Illinois, ALL the way across Iowa and into Nebraska.

Several things came to mind today as we drove along:

  • Iowa is not flat…it is very rolling
  • Wind Farms are cool, Iowa had several massive farms with 40-50+ windmills as far as the eye could see
  • There are a lot of “Adult Super Stores” off of I-80.
  • We drove by the largest truck stop in the world
  • Nuts 4 Donuts in Princeton, IL was great!

As we drove through Iowa all I could think of was the world famous Trans-Iowa put on by the Guitar Ted.  We drove right through Grinnell where it starts most years.  I also thought of RAGBRAI.  Iowa has quite a bit of cycling related “things” in my mind.

Nebraska’s speed limit is 75 MPH and I believe it is because the powers that be in this state realize that at 65 MPH you would probably go insane with how flat and monotonous the landscape is.  At least adding those extra 10 MPH lets you get through just a smidge faster.

Tonight we are staying in Grand Island, NE.  It’s about the size of Concord, NH but has a heck of a lot more of a podunk feeling if you ask me.
Which leads me to this……all of my nieces and nephews back in NH (and New England for that matter) if you ever complain about that area being boring, I am going to send you to Nebraska where so far the cows and cornfields strongly out number the amount of civilization we have seen.

Honestly though, this trip is pretty cool.  It is certainly different out here, but it definitely has it’s own beauty.  We are really enjoying this trip so far and it is very cool to see what we have so far.

Also of special note is some friends of ours who start a very cool journey in just a few short days.  Visit Jim and Lindsay @ Into the Mild

Here are a few pictures from today……

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Diane Hartford says:

    Mia, I am thoroughly enjoying reading your day to day adventures. I have never been to any of these places, but you make them sound very interesting. Like I could have been there myself. Thank you and safe travels.

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