Oregon – Week 1


Mia and I have now lived in Oregon for just over a week.  I started work on Thursday and am trying to develop a routine again.  I did my first road ride and run in Oregon this past week too.  My run was on the Fanno Creek Trail and my road ride was a bit of hit and miss/trial and error of exploring roads.  I did finally see Mt. Hood on this ride.  It only took a week!

May was apparently the 2nd wettest May on record for the Portland, OR area.  However, the past 3 days have been absolutely gorgeous.  Juston took me out to Gales Creek Trail in the Tillamook range.  It is like nothing I have ever ridden in New England.  We climbed for just over 7 miles before turning around and riding some super flowing and buff trail.  1:20 up and less than 40 minutes on the way down.  It was a blast!

Saturday night we went and watched Laurel Manville rip it up at the Starlight Parade 5K.  She was 3rd woman overall!  Then we walked around with Juston, Laurel and some of their friends from Virginia taking in the sights of Portland and watching the parade from different vantage points.  Had dinner at the famous food carts too.

Today we biked Sauvie Island which is just north of Portland.  It had a very mixed feeling of riding in NH, meets Cape Cod.  Lots of farms and fruit stands and totally pan flat.  It was a good 25 mile ride with a strong headwind for the first part and a blazing tailwind for the 2nd part.  We stopped at Kruger Farm just before finishing up based on recommendations from Laurel and Juston, it was funny to see Vermont maple syrup being sold (for a crazy high price)

So, the first week in Oregon has been pretty good.  So far the only disappointment has been the apartment.  While it is nice and big, it just isn’t what we expected and the location is not great with 99W right outside our bedroom window.  It is like living on a route 106 with the volume of traffic of South Willow Street in Manchester during the holidays.

We did find a new place and it is available on June 15th.  We just need to work out a few things here with the management company.  Hopefully it all works out.

Main Street in Tigard, OR does have a few things going for it though.  Max’s Fanno Creek Pub and Symposium Coffee they have really good scones and muffins.

So that is it for now.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Maggie Comire says:

    What a great synopsis of your very 1st week in Tigard, Oregon….Continue to keep us posted on your adventures, work, living quarters, the kitties, and Mia….Love & Miss Ya’s

  2. n.e.rhodes@comcast.net says:

    Sounds Like things are going great-Thanks for keeping us posted.


                                        Dad and Mom

  3. Denise Henley says:

    Glad to hear you are enjoying it! Also, glad to hear you found a new place that you will like.
    We all miss you at the Annex. Our new boss is fitting right in and seems very nice. Check back again for updates. Take care,

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