Cross Country Move – Day 6


We arrived in Tigard, OR around 3pm yesterday (Saturday) after a very long week of travel across the country.  The move into the new apartment went relatively okay, though I don’t think it is the unit we were described.  The layout of the unit is nice, but the location is right near a very busy street (imagine living off of South Willow Street in Manchester).  I’ve got to dig through a couple emails and talk to the property manger on Tuesday.

Other than that things are going well.  By now the cats had figured out the morning routine, so in the mornings the would disappear in the hotel rooms.

G doesn't want to go back in  her crate
G doesn’t want to go back in her crate

We had some pretty gnarly portions of I-84 today.  Quite a few long downhills with sharp turns (at highway speed at least) negotiating them while towing a trailer was less than ideal.  There were finally trees to see though.  After days of flat or rolling with hardly any trees we finally entered into a few mountains, then we were in the plains/rolling hills of the Columbia River with Oregon on one side and Washington state on the other.

So, now the “fun” part begins.  Settling in, finding out where things are, figuring out how to get to work, etc.  I also need to find new biking routes and of course some running routes.

One last little anecdote……

We did a quick shopping trip to a Fred Meyer store last night.  Imagine a super walmart merged with a bed bath and beyond and a Hannafords, that is how I can best describe this store.  You can get your grocery shopping done, along with a wedding ring, mulch supplies, new bedding and a pair of Levis too…..really odd.

Okay, that is about it for now.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. John says:

    Glad you made it safe and sound! Check out as a good tri shop not too far from you.

  2. Maggie Comire says:

    Glad you got there safe and sound and are settled in. Bet the cats are a bit more relaxed too. Happy Birthday to Mia.

  3. says:

    Mom and I are very happy that you made it there safely. We will plan on calling you or have you call us at a

    convenient time. We know you have a lot to do settling in. Good Luck with everything. We love both of you.


                                    Dad and Mom

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