Top 10 Pros & Cons

Mia and I have now been living in Oregon for just over a year.  I hit my one year anniversary at work on Thursday and am absolutely amazed at how quickly the past 12 months have just whizzed by.

So let me present you with my top 10 pros and cons of Oregon vs. New Hampshire living

  1.  PRO:  Cultural Diversity: Given the large  population of Hispanic, Asian, Indian/Middle Eastern heritage, and of course Caucasian, there is a lot more culture than I was used to in good old W.A.S.P. New Hampshire.  From food choices to just working with people with different cultural backgrounds, it has added something to my day to day living that I really never knew was missing
  2. CON: In general most Oregonians suck at driving.  Not like Massachusetts “Mass-hole” drivers.  It’s more like nobody seems to know where they are going and know what time they have to be to their destination.  There is a complete lack of awareness of what lane people are in and that there are other drivers around them.  Now, remember I grew up dealing with the out-of-state tourists in New Hampshire and  the already mentioned mass-hole drivers in particular.  You gotta be on your toes out there people!
  3. PRO: There is a lot of good cycling out here, there was in New Hampshire too.
  4. CON: I have to drive to go mountain biking!  In New Hampshire I could leave my front door an do 30 miles of mountain biking with maybe 4 miles of pavement total
  5. PRO: The weather!  It got into the high teens low twentys for 10 days in early December and that was about it.  Otherwise “winter” was like a really long April back in New Hampshire
  6. CON: The 3 days it snowed out here, it shut the area down, I mean DOWN!  melted less than 48 hours after that.
  7. PRO: The people I work with are way more laid back compared to New Hampshire.  Not to say that we aren’t serious, but there is something to be said about that west coast attitude
  8. CON: I have a ton of dress shirts and ties I hardly ever wear anymore
  9. PRO: Public Transportation here kicks ass compared to NH.  I have not driven to work in 3 months now.  I take the train and/or ride my bike everyday
  10. CON: There are occasionally some “odd” people on the train.  I chalk it up to a learning experience.
NH Moose enters Oregon!
NH Moose enters Oregon!

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  1. It’s all in getting accustom to new people, new foods, new attitudes & most of all, nice weather. You both have done good adjusting to all the changes…

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