Colors and some more dog walking

Mia and her friend Susan did the ColorVibe Portland 5K yesterday at the Washington County Fairgrounds.  Not really a “race”, more of a social event.

Susan met us at our place and I walked over with both of them and Codi.  I was there for moral support and to get “The Dog” out for a bit.
It was fairly well attended, I would have to guess at least 500 people, maybe closer to 750, but I really don’t know for sure.
For those who don’t know, ColorVibe is a 5K “run” with strategic points of people throwing colored powder on you.  It was kind of interesting to watch.  Mia and Susan had fun, but it was definitely not a “race”, it’s more a fun jog or even walk based on what most people appeared to be doing.

They’ve already been through the purple zone
This guy got doused by green
Mia and Susan center of pic
Mia and Susan coming out of the pink zone

Even Codi managed to get some color on him.

technicolor dog
All his cheering made him thirsty

Not sure how the turnout was compared to expectations, but it looked like people were having fun.

Hiking Hagg Lake

On Sunday Mia and I took Codi over to Hagg Lake for a little more exploration.  We parked at the first boat ramp parking lot and followed a portion of the hiking/mountain biking loop that goes around the whole lake.  It’s a very compacted surface and with the moisture from the morning, there was like a 1mm mud slick on top of everything.  Just had to watch your step.

Trail looks like this for the most part
There are a couple fields too
Nice views in a couple spots too

As you can see, it always rains in Portland………

We didn’t do the whole loop, that’s like 13 miles.  We just took Codi out for 1 hour and then back 1 hour.  He had fun and we pooped him out.  Both are very good things.

I’ll be back with my mountain bike to do 1-2 laps some weekend soon (I hope).

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