Cabin Camping At Stub

Cyclingwild did another trip up to LL Stub Stewart State Park this past weekend.  During our last trip we were camping at the walk-in sites, this time we had the luxury of staying in the “deluxe” cabins.  I was expecting 4 walls and a ceiling with some plywood bed type items.  What we got instead was a two room cabin that could sleep up to 8, had electricity and heat.

Nicer than I expected

The front room/living room
The back sleeping area had 2 of these

As you can see, not too shabby.  Hardly rustic backwoods or axe murderer cabin.  So I think the deluxe moniker is pretty well deserved.  Top it off with I believe the cabins are like $44 a night.  So bring some friends and the average per person rate is extremely good.

I recognized 2 people from the last trip.  Otherwise it was a whole new batch of folks.  I think i was the only “westsider” with everyone else coming over from the “big city”.

A decent amount of varied personalities just like last time.  Enough of a variety of folks that it wasn’t too difficult to find some one to have a conversation with.  I’ll wager a week’s pay I was the most conservative person on this trip though.

I did find quite a few people that had some sort of east coast/New England connection.  One girl got her masters degree in Vermont, another guy just biked from Portland, OR to Portland, ME with his wife, and then there is Shawn who originally hails from Connecticut.

Weather on the ride up was a bit overcast with potential for some very damp conditions.

Heading out

There was a stop at Jim’s Thriftway in Banks so people could get food for the night, and perhaps a quick lunch.  Though I am more convinced it was a chance to load up on some beer and hard liquor for a few of my fellow travelers, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Food (and other stuff) stop in Banks, OR

There was a bit of mist, drizzle and wind as we arrived at the park.  Most people opted to duck inside the cabins for a bit, but soon hunger won out.  In typical camping fashion, especially when you get a lot of guys together, there was a lot of geeking out over stoves.

Debating the merits of various stoves

I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few Jetboil stoves, which is what I use…..and I’d like to proudly state, made in New Hampshire.  I had applied for a few jobs with them in the past…but I digress.

Eventually the fire was started, the clouds and drizzle gave way, and we had a view of a very beautiful full moon.  Top that off with some coyotes howling between each other, and it was a rather decent little night.

I think I was the first person up on Sunday, funny since I was one of 3 who were the last to go to bed.  I never sleep late while camping though, and I guess 6:45Am felt late compared to my normal 5:15AM Mon-Fri schedule.

Coffee, oatmeal, and some more conversation and I was on my way so that Mia and I could go Christmas tree shopping.  I made good time home, but it wasn’t as fun compared to June when I got to ride back with a group.

Sunday morning sun
Mountains and valley fog from the day use area

I’d like to once again thank Stasia and Ryan for being ride leaders.  I think I may propose a ride I have in mind after talking with Ryan.  May  have to do some scouting beforehand, but we’ll see what 2015 brings.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. rcgood says:

    Nice write-up, Peter. Glad to see you again. Looking forward to hearing your ride ideas- always good to get fresh ideas, and we are getting ready for a new leader recruiting drive.

  2. That was a nice synopsis of your overnight biking trip. And I must agree, you did have a nice, rustic hospitality house to spend the night. Thanks for posting. I enjoy reading your blogs….Tell Mia to call me before Christmas….

  3. stasia:) says:

    Thanks for coming, Pete!! And even more thanks for writing about the experience! 🙂 Glad to hear you’re also interested in leading a ride… I can’t wait to go on it! 🙂

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