Thanksgiving 2014

Mia and I were invited to Bend, OR for Thanksgiving this year.  Our friends Juston and Laurel had rented a house, and Laurel’s parents were flying in from West Virginia for a week too.  There was no way we could say no.  We’d received a 17lb turkey through our CSA (community supported agriculture) and it was going to be a tall order to finish something like that all by ourselves.  Plus I think Juston just wanted Mia to make her chocolate cream pie, which she of course did.

The worst part of the whole drive down to Bend was the 50 minutes it took us just to get across Portland and onto 84 east.  Once we hit 26 towards Hood things really weren’t all that bad.

Mia took dog duty with Codi on Thanksgiving morning while Juston, Laurel and I all ran the “I Like Pie” fun run.  It was cold, windy and raining, with some pretty heavy rain right towards the end of our 5K.

After that it was hanging out at the rental house and eating…….pretty much the recipe for a great Thanksgiving.

Friends and family
Friends and family

Codi and Molly met each other too.  After some initial barking, they got along really well.

Codi and Molly

Codi and Molly

Just have to give Juston and Laurel a HUGE THANK YOU for inviting us.  We had a blast and will repay the favor in April during the half marathon.

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  1. Happy to hear that you & Mia had a joyous day on Thanksgiving. We missed you both and also missed Mia’s wonderful cooking….including the chocolate cream pie….The folks here were hoping I would make one too but I chose to make an Egg Nog pie which was delicious. Many people’s Thanksgiving were ruined with the snowstorm we got on the day before that resulted with the loss of power for so many of us. Ours was restored by 9:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving day so dinner & dessert was here. Are you & Mia by some chance coming home for Christmas??? Let us know if you do. Kris & Howie will be arriving on the 26th & staying until the 3rd of January. We’d love to see you both, too. So Long For Now….

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