It Always Rains in Portland

There is a saying about the Portland area, or the Pacific Northwest in general.  “It always rains in (insert city)”.  The truth is it doesn’t.  Portland gets about as much rain annually as Manchester, NH.  I used that as my reference point when we where trying to decide if we wanted to move here or not.  The difference is that in NH when it rains, it rains, and then it goes away.  Here it drizzles, sometimes for days on end.

There is also a running joke about keeping The Lie going so that more people don’t move here.  I’m not a believer in that idea either.  I think it sounds snobby when people talk like that.  Portland is very much akin to Florida,  or put differently, Portland is to young people what Florida is to retirees.  Most of the people here are not originally from here.

As a matter of fact, the weather has been absolutely stunning around here for awhile now.  We topped out around 70 degrees both days this weekend.  That’s pretty ideal weather if you ask me.  It beats the heck out of all the snow New England has gotten this winter.  So glad I am not shoveling that stuff anymore.

Some one is following me!
Some one is following me!

So my superb weekend started off with Juston and I doing the Velo Ride on Saturday, we peeled off before the end of the planned 40 mile day, did another 20 miles, and then I got home and did another 20 miles with Mia.  So in this horrible “rainy” PNW I got in a nice 80 mile day.

Then Sunday Mia and I started it off at Tilt in the Pearl District with my co-worker Sue Ann.  I was hoping for good food, and I feel what we got was maybe a smidge shy of awesome!  They are known for their pie happy hour M-F 3pm-6pm.  We’re already planning to go back!

Then Mia and I got in a nice ride with some hills and tons of views of “The Mountain” (AKA Hood).

Hood poking up in the distance
Hood poking up in the distance

Throw in a dog walk to Orenco Station for some fresh bread and restock our coffee supply, and it’s been a pretty freaking sweet weekend!

So in closing…it sucks here, rains all the time, so don’t bother even thinking about moving here.  Trust me, you won’t like it.

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  1. Margaret Comire says:

    Sounds like you had a nice warm week end for your biking activity…

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