Lee’s Falls Run

I’d read last summer about a waterfall not too far from “downtown” Cherry Grove.  I roughly knew the area because of biking up Patton Valley Rd to the crest of Summit Rd where it intersected with a logging gate.

Lee’s Falls

The Oregonian article didn’t give a distance to the falls, only stating that they were about “an hour”.  So we were not sure how far in we would have go.  My assumption was 2-2.5 miles.We parked off of Lees Falls Rd, right before a logging road gate.  I blatantly ignored the no parking signs since we were on a dead end dirt road and it was the weekend.  I assumed no logging activity would be happening, and I was not blocking the gate.

Dirt logging road

The “trail” is really just a dirt/gravel road owned by a logging company.  We passed a couple areas which appeared to have had some logging recently.

Turns out the falls are only about 1.75 miles in from the gate.  Maybe to some people that is an hour of walking, but even at our slow jogging pace, we were there in under 20 minutes.

Mia looking over the falls

We added a bit more onto our run so that we could get in about an hour.  I found out after downloading the gps track that there was another waterfall (Haines) maybe about a mile, mile and a half from where we turned around.  That gives me some incentive to head back, maybe on bikes next time though.

Codi is liquid cooled

Codi got to run with us 100% off leash.  I felt that there was no need to worry about other hikers, walkers, etc.  We were the only car (illegally?) parked at the gate.

1st run, pretty impressed

This was also my first run with some Brooks Cascadia trail shoes.  I think these are the model “9” series.  I know I got a killer blowout deal on them because the new “10” series just came out.

Anyways, the shoes performed well.  Neither Mia or I were really crushing it today, but the shoes were comfortable and handled the gravel quite well.

My running partners

In summary, I’d say it’s a quick little jaunt out to the falls.  I’d recommend it for something different, but maybe it would be better in the heat of summer when you can head out there and do some swimming.  Another option would be do a run to both sets of falls.  I think that would give you about 8-10 miles roundtrip.

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  1. Such a nice running course for all of you. Love those bright orange running shoes. You would be easily found if you ever got lost. Codi Bob seemed to enjoy his run, too.
    Love & miss you as always….

  2. stasia:) says:

    Awesome! This is a great thing to know about, thanks–I’m imagining an awesome bike-and-run in my future:)

    (and by the way, I like the new look of your site!)

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