Mudslinger XC

Tired, but happy
Tired, but happy

Last weekend I did the Mudslinger XC race down in Blodgett, OR.  Mia and Codi came down to Corvallis with me on Saturday evening and we stayed in the not so up-to-date Days Inn on 9th street.  Recommendation here….find another place to stay.  It was cheap, but it was beat up,run down, and kind of musty smelling.  Next time I’ll opt for a little more expensive.  I guess the plus side is that the took dogs, so it did allow Codi to stay with us.

The quick and dirty since I think race reports are kind of dorky.  I did okay.  4th in age group, felt pretty good except the last 3-4 miles I was fading.  Course is not difficult, but is kind of fun for a race.  Some of the views were pretty sweet too.  I’ll probably be back.

Loving the Cannondale F-29 too.  I may have to take back some of the bad things I’ve said about 29ers for short people.

That’s about it.

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