Food is Fun.

Everyone has to eat, it’s a fact of life.  You don’t eat, you die.  It’s really that simple.  Also I’m a really big believer in the concept of garbage in – garbage out (GIGO) when it comes to your diet.  If you don’t eat right, you’re bound to feel like crap.

Simply put, I don’t believe in “diets”.  I believe in a lifestyle and making good choices.  I’m never going to go paleo, vegan, vegetarian, atkins,etc.  I enjoy too many foods to start the possibility of eliminating any of them. I may eat a vegetarian dish or a paleo dish, but I won’t focus all of my choices on one concept.  If I had to classify my food choices, let’s just go with the cliche of “moderation”.  Everything in moderation, even moderation.  There are a few things I don’t and won’t eat.  That includes red meat and alcohol.  Also as one of my former co-workers in NH used to say……”No pumps or filters” (liver, heart, kidneys,etc).

My one weakness is probably my sweet tooth. Heck, I married a pastry chef for crying out loud! My fondness for sweets is one of the main reasons I exercise.  I’d probably be a fat bastard if I didn’t.

grilled asparagus

So, anyways.  Like most people, Mia and I tend to get in food ruts where we eat the same things at various points during the week.  I’m a person who likes variety though, so we try to mix things up every now and then.  Keeps life from being boring.

Sausage patties

Hands down though breakfast is my favorite meal, and one I could eat every meal of the day.  Mia and I have been playing around with egg sandwiches lately.  Using breakfast sausage from New Seasons’ deli we make our own patties, use some Vermont Cheddar, a fresh tomato slice, a nice english muffin and toss in some asparagus on the side and we have breakfast for dinner.

works for breakfast or dinner

One of my regular weekday breakfast items is oatmeal (no pun intended on the regular…..).  Not the crap you get from the packets, but like the Quaker Oats in the cardboard tube, or some from the bulk isle.  Then I mix in with things like fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, the combinations are endless.

I used some leftover apples from our waffles last weekend to mix with my oatmeal this past week, dab a bit of greek yogurt and it’s kinda like apple pie a la mode.

apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, nutmeg.

Moving to the PDX area has greatly increased our exposure to dinning options too.  Having lived in the Concord, NH area previously for close to 40 years, I can say I ate at all the places worth eating in Concord, or so it feels.  I’d also pretty much gone through everything I would eat on all the menus too.   Here we could probably eat out every meal of every day and still not hit every option in the Portland metro area.  The only downside to that is that sometimes it’s hard to decide where to go or narrow down the choice….so you want Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Koren, Middle Eastern, pizza, subs?  You get the idea.

That’s about all I got for random thoughts for today…….the only other thing I can add is that Mia must really love me (or she wants me to become that fat bastard I mentioned earlier….) this is what we have for later……..

Skillet “cookie”


Thanks for reading


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