Ramona Falls Hike

The original plan for today had actually been to hike Dog Mountain in The Gorge, but for whatever reason we weren’t really feeling that one when we woke up this morning.  So after breakfast and perusing some of our hiking books, we opted for Ramona Falls off of Lolo Pass.  It was the right decision if you ask us.

Ramona Falls
Ramona Falls

The hike is 99% easy.  The one exception is the crossing of the Sandy River.  The bridge washed out last year during a flash flood and some one actually died!

water is powerful!
water is powerful!

Total elevation gain is only about 1,00 feet over 4.2 miles.  You start out around 2400′ and top out just around 3450 according to my Garmin.

Mt Hood
Mt Hood

You can’t really argue with a hike that has a view like this only 1.5 miles into it.  This was taken from just before the crossing of the Sandy River near where the aforementioned bridge washed out.

For the most part, the trail is dusty and very well marked.  There are sections where you’re more in the forest itself and there is more pine needle duff and less dust.  Especially considering how dry this Spring has been, it makes me really nervous for the fire season this year.

Hiking partners
Hiking partners

We made pretty good time and were at the falls in under 2 hours.

DSCN1936We stopped to chill out and have some lunch.  In the woods and this close to the falls, the temperature was a good 10 degrees cooler than some of the more exposed sections of trail.

DSCN1948Codi spent the whole hike off leash and was really good with all the people we came across.  He startled one woman, who I have to admit, may have startled him a bit too.

This hike is definitely dog friendly, just make sure your dog can handle a log crossing at the Sandy River.  We heard they are putting in the bridge replacement next week, so it may be a moot point after this weekend.  Just keep in mind though that the bridge is seasonal and they take it out in the fall.

The temps were mostly in the low to mid 60’s and there were plenty of streams for Codi to get a drink on top of the water we brought we us.

On the way out, he decided he needed a little more relief though………

liquid cooled
liquid cooled

He had a little more spunk after cooling off for a bit, and also rolling around in the dirt.

quick cool in the stream and then roll in the dirt
quick cool in the stream and then roll in the dirt

It was nice to get out on a hike again, been a bit focused on the mountain bike racing lately, but I’ve got a break until late June now.  In the next few weeks we’ve got some camping planned too.

All the pictures here

That’s about it for now, thanks for reading


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  1. stasia:) says:

    wow, that looks beautiful! You give me all sorts of good adventure ideas:)

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