Bluberries and Clover


Nothing profound or life changing today.  Mia and I just did a nice simple ride and enjoyed some comfortable temps and puffy clouds.

Wicked psyched to see how far along the blueberries are.  We should be picking about 2-3 weeks early this year from the looks of it.

acres and acres of blueberries
acres and acres of blueberries

You can see the berries from the road.  They are still quite green, but definitely blueberry shaped.  All the flowers have dropped off and those early buds are taking shape.

The red clover is also in full bloom.  Yesterday’s ride had some awesome views of rolling fields of red clover.  It looked like a crimson tidal wave.  Today just past the blueberries we passed several acres of red clover.  Very cool looking, though all the bees make me nervous because I don’t want them flying into my helmet vents.

Mia with red clover to her right
Mia with red clover to her right

That’s about all she wrote for this weekend.  Nice and mellow!

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  1. Maggie Comire says:

    Beautiful scenery, beautiful day & I wish I could be there to pick some of those blueberries. With bushes that tall, they will be easy to pick….Mia will be making blueberry “everything” for days to come….Today I took my first 3 mile walk at Mine Falls Park after a 5 year hiatus due to my knee. I have to say that it felt so darn good….The knee was in pain but I really need to start doing some form of exercise. Soon I would like to attempt biking again, too….In June I will be seeing a Physiatrist who will help me become functional again and pain free as he can possibly make me. I am going to request that he also do Acupuncture on my knee. If he doesn’t become my miracle worker, I’ll have to say I pretty much exhausted all my options. Then I’ll probably have to have it opened up which I’m not a fan of….We have had some beautiful weather here, being comfortably warm & cool at night. We unveiled the Pony 2 weeks ago & it’s definitely been convertible weather…We have enjoyed it immensely. We are all anxiously awaiting your arrival in July. It will be so very nice to see you both once again. Let us know if you would like us to do anything for you. And after one week, my Mother’s Day flowers are still really beautiful. Thanks so much & I have enjoyed them tremendously. They smell wonderful too….
    Love Ya’s….And goodnight for now….

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