Green Lakes Hike


Mia signed up for the Bend, OR GRIT Clinic several months ago, so too bad for us, we had to make a weekend trip down to Bend.  That’s always such a tough decision, and it’s never any fun coming here.  (yes, that is all sarcasm).

Since we’d be bringing the dog we wanted to rent a house.  Found a great deal right on Riverfront St with direct access from the backyard to the river.  I could get used to living like this.  Ironically, it’s only a bit more expensive than a nicer hotel, but having a full blown kitchen and a yard makes it all worth it.

Deck right on the water
decent kitchen

So far, so good with this house too.  I’d definitely consider renting it again.

We got to watch/hear a nice thunder and lightning show from the deck on the river last night.  It helped cool things down a bit too.  When we rolled into Bend around 4:45pm it was just over 100 degrees out!

Even with the full kitchen, we cannot come to Bend without visiting Jackson’s Corner.  I’ve said it before and it still remains true.  Best breakfast place I have ever been to.  I’ve gotten something different every time we go, and all of it has been stellar.

Breakfast outside!

From here, Codi and I dropped Mia off for the day.  I’m pretty psyched that she’s going to learn some mountain bike skills.  We’ve come to the conclusion that you gotta take the spouse connection out.  I can coach her on things, but that husband thing sometimes gets in the way.  I also admit that there is a lot I do on a mountain bike that is just 2nd nature now.  I do it without thinking and don’t always realize that I just did something that isn’t exactly “beginner friendly”.  So far day 1 seems to have gone well.

The forecast was for another 100 degree day in Bend, so Codi and I headed out into the Cascade Lakes area.  Something new to both of us.  We wanted to get out to some woods and water and hopefully stay cooler.  We opted for the Green Lakes in the Sisters Wilderness.

The parking lot was packed and I got the 2nd to last spot and the last one was filled up as Codi and I were getting ready.

The hike is fairly straight forward and there are no super difficult parts.  You are rewarded with views of a beautiful and cold mountain lake and killer views of Broken Top and South Sister (which I have to summit!)

pretty easy to follow the trail

There are a few smallish waterfalls and several creek crossings.  Codi had plenty of opportunities to cool off and get a drink.

quite a few of these today
Liquid cooled pup

From what I have read, South Sister is the newest of the 3 peaks and was the most recent to blow.  There is plenty of volcanic evidence on both the drive out to the trailhead and the hike into the lakes.

volcanic debris, creek, trail (L-R)

There are some massive chunks of obsidian in that debris.  Size of a sofa or small car.  It was pretty neat.  I’ve seen arrow heads, spear tips and jewelery made out of obsidian, but never a rock the size of my couch.

obsidian in the center of the pic, about the size of a smart car.

Quite suddenly you come to a wide open plain and the lake is just visible.  Looking up at South Sister you can see how it exploded and probably wiped out this whole area that is now a pebble strewn plain with scrub grass and beat up looking trees.

The trail just suddenly opens up into this awesome view
Codi and South Sister
Lake and South Sister
Broken Top
Codi enjoyed the cool mountain lake

It was a great hike.  There are a number of camping sights around the lake too.  First come, first serve and I believe it is the camping choice for people who want to summit the 10,000 foot South Sister.

It was a great way to spend the day.  I will have to take Mia back here.  Codi is passed out on the floor of the rental house right now.  All in all a good day.

All the pictures can be found here

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