That isn’t fog

So, Mia and I went out on a short ride yesterday.  As we were getting ready it smelled faintly of smoke, kind of like your neighbor was having a bonfire or similar to the remnants of your campfire from the night before.  It was a mild smoky odor.

When we got outside we automatically assumed that something nearby must be on fire.  We thought maybe another fire up near Hagg Lake or maybe something in the Coastal Range.  Turns out though that it is the smoke from all the wildfires east and northeast of us.  There are over 2 dozen wildfires now in both Washington and Oregon and yesterday the wind shifted to be out of the north and east.

That shift in wind pushed all the smoke into the Portland Metro area and made for some interesting pictures on our ride.  It also was slightly stinging our eyes and mildly irritating our throats.

We’ve been living out here for almost 2 1/2 years now and this is definitely a first for both of us.  NH had nothing like this.  I can count on one hand the number of times there were wildfires near enough to me in NH.  Nothing like what is currently happening out here in the northwest though.

Winds are supposed to move out of the north and west today, which should clear things up a bit…….hopefully.

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