My Dog is a Serial Killer

We got Codi from Indigo Pet Rescue.  We kind of learned after the fact that they specialized in “difficult to place pets”.  For example, one of them had alopecia, some of them may have other social or behavioral problems. Well, Mia and I finally think we figured out what Codi’s “issue” is……he’s a murderer, a serial killer to be exact.

Let me present the facts.

Mr. Giraffe
Ally Gator
Froggie (trust me, that’s what it was)
Mega-sore-ass (get it?)

Generally he starts by gnawing off any sort of extremity, legs, arms, ears, eyes, tails, etc.  He’s good at finding their weak spots.  Some of these are Tuffy Toys, which are supposed to be “more durable”.  Most of even those only last maybe a week or two longer.

We’ve also lost a shark, a Bobo, and another froggie, plus about 4-5 that last less than 24 hours.  Who knows when the madness will end?  Who knew such a terrible killer lurked in such an innocent face?


Our safest bet is to keep him happy and occupied, he tells us “we’re cool” and “at least I like you guys”.  Mia and my goal is keep it that way….otherwise who knows what he may do?  🙂

Thanks for reading,

-Pete (and Mia and Codi)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Margaret C. says:

    How can he be so cute & innocent looking & than be so destructive. Nonetheless, you will both keep him busy, occupied & happy…..I just love that photo of him….
    Love Ya’s….

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