Rhodes in Washington

My nephew started college at UW-Bothell this week, so Paul and Shannon were out here last week to drop him off.  This was a good reason to head up to Packwood, WA to meet up with them and do some hiking and spend time with family.

We rented a sweet little place from Great Northwest Cabins just a few miles east of “downtown” Packwood.  I’d definitely recommend these guys.  The place was immaculate and had a hot tub, gas fireplace, fire pit outside and peace and quiet at night.

I was of course psyched to spend time with my twin brother.  Now that my nephew is out here for college, perhaps it means a few more visits.

Codi checking out our digs for the weekend
Mia was pretty thrilled too

On Saturday we hiked up to Packwood Lake, which was pretty nice.  A couple locals at the local grocery store were telling us about how there used to be an active camp up there that ended in the 1980’s.  The old general store is still there and a ranger station from the early 1900’s still exists too.

old ranger’s cabin

The lake is fairly large and due to the super dry summer, obviously lower than normal.

Packwood Lake and Goat Rocks Wilderness looming above
Shannon, Codi, Paul
Of course there was some swim time

There wasn’t much chance to see Rainier during the hike, and with all the puffy white clouds it was just barely visible driving back down the forest road to Packwood.  Paul did comment that he wasn’t looking high enough until he saw it.  That’s the one thing that I find, it is hard to convey the size of the peaks out here compared to New Hampshire, especially something as massive as Rainier.

We spent Saturday night hanging out and just talking around dinner and then lounging in the living room.  It was nice to just chill and hang with family.

Sunday morning came and Paul and Shannon wanted to get back to Bothell to help out Travis with any last minute things.  On their way though they went up by Paradise and because of the cloudless sky, they got exactly what they were looking for.  Glorious and full on views of Rainier.

Mia and I ended up doing the “3 pass loop” that my boss recommended.  We headed east on 12, then 410 north/west and finally back Chinook Pass back into Packwood.  It’s really neat going from pine forests to high desert and back again.  Pretty neat drive with some cool views.  We stopped at Fife Peak and then just before Chinook Pass for some great views of Rainier.

Fifes Peak

My favorite picture of the weekend

So while the visit with Paul and Shannon was short, it was nice.  I’m glad they got to see some mountains and that we just got to hang out.  Hoping Travis likes school too and enjoys the PNW.

all the pics here

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