A Rare Snow Day

The last time we had any appreciable snow out our way just happened to be the weekend we moved into our house.  That was almost 2 years ago now.

This is not so bad when you’re not hoping to move

Coming from a snow state, it’s still funny the way the news media treats snowfalls in the Portland Metro area.  The tone from the reporters and weathermen sounds more like we’re going to get 1-3 feet of snow, not 1-3″. The change to sleet and freezing rain forecast for tonight isn’t so wonderful though and I can understand the words of caution there.


While the higher elevations of Oregon are used to snow, especially the further east you go, the Portland area just doesn’t get a lot.  It’s been cold the past few days and after a record setting December for rainfall.  I didn’t really expect snow though.

We took Codi for his routine Sunday walk through Dawson Creek Park, and the snow definitely added a bit more fun factor.  Not sure if it was more fun for him or for us watching him.


I’m not sure the ducks and geese are overly thrilled though……


Any idea what kind of duck this is?

The snow should be gone by tomorrow afternoon, but let’s just say that the morning commute should be fairly interesting.

For contrast, below is a snow storm from February 2013, our last winter in NH.

about 8" so far by noon on Sunday
about 8″ so far by noon on Sunday

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. adventurepdx says:

    And I’m glad I don’t have to go to work tomorrow! It’s bad enough how long it’s taking right now to get home. I think the 75 should make it to Woodlawn by morning. 😉

    1. onrhodes says:

      I definitely blew off some errands today as I did not feel like driving with the all the amateurs. Would have been a great day to have a fat bike!

  2. stasia:) says:

    That duck looks like an escaped domestic! 🙂 Or some sort of ducky hybrid. Not sure about that, but that would be my guess. Either way, I bet it’s pretty chilly;)

  3. Margaret C. says:

    It must have been fun sloshing thru the snow as a reminder to your home in New England….. Did Codi like his journey thru the snow…..

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