That’s a Wrap

Mia and I are entering the final few hours of 2015.  It’s been quite the year too, it reallly kind of amazes me that twelve months have flown by so fast.

From exploration bikes rides in January and a XC-Ski and fatbike adventure in the Methow Valley in February.  Mia and I did a ton of hiking all year, visited the redwoods with the San Francisco Clan and finally got to see Crater Lake too.   Also had an awesome surprise visit from my brother Steve as he had layover in PDX on one of his trips.

I dabbled in mountain bike racing again and ran a wicked hard  half marathon.  Did only one bike overnight and only two camping trips though.

Mia learned to mountain bike from some pros and we made a pilgrimage back to New Hampshire to visit family in July. We discovered the beautiful Lost Lake area near Mt. Hood during August too.

The Fall meant I got to spend a short time with Paul in Packwood and see Rainier from several angles on a very scenic loop, Mia and I hiked almost every weekend and saw everything from remote lakes and waterfalls to a shipwreck.

We discovered several new places to eat that really stand out and made some recurring visits to places that are becoming favorites.

It’s been a good year and I believe that 2016 will be even better.

I want to do more bike trips, more mountain bike racing, and hopefully less running!  Spend some time backpacking with Mia and Codi too.

We’ve got more family coming out in February of 2016 and perhaps some more later in the year?

Really looking forward to what is to come and very grateful for what has transpired.

Thanks for reading,

-Pete, Mia, Codi and Caleb


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