NH Invasion: Day 4

Life is a beach!  That is the theme of the NH Invasion for day 4.

On the way out to the coast we made a slight detour to check out the Jewell Meadows Elk Herds that Mia and I had driven by on our way back from Ft. Stevens.  I thought it was pretty cool, not sure of the rest of the family, but since I was driving……….

It’s a party out here in Jewell
Can’t you just feel their excitement!

After that little education lesson, we headed back towards the coast and Mia and my favorite Oregon beach town, Cannon Beach.

For being February, it was gorgeous out today.  I believe it topped out right near 60 degrees and the winds died down to make it very comfortable.

If there is one thing you need to worry about with some of this crew, it is to not let them get too hungry (hangry!).  So the first order of business was a quick snack before tackling the beach.

The world is a bit brighter and safer for us all now

Basically the next few hours were spent meandering on the beach and taking a boat load of pictures.  We let Codi run around, Martha took a power nap in the sand, James and Chuck tempted fate with the ocean, and we all really just had a good time.

Chuck is in his happy place
Some sisterly bonding
Chuck and James
Martha zoning out
Even Codi made a new friend

I don’t think it matters how many times we head to Cannon Beach, I am always going to take a ton of photos of Haystack Rock.  I’ll limit this post to just one of the rock and family though.

Maggie, Mia, Martha, Chuck, James

After beach exploring and some shopping, we hit the road and headed south towards Pacific City and the Pelican Pub, this area may quickly become our 2nd favorite Oregon coastal town.  It also gave the NH crew a chance to see a bit more of the Oregon coast.  It really is unlike anything we grew up with back in the Northeast.

That’s about it for today, see all the pics here (lots of dog pictures, just warning you)

Thanks for reading,


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