Singletrack Therapy

Woke up to see that the forecasted rain had been pushed out until the afternoon and the temps were quite reasonable.  So after walking Codi, eating breakfast and catching up on an episode of the Walking Dead, I headed out to Rogers Camp for a little singletrack therapy.

For the most part it was not very muddy

The Rogers Camp day use area was sparsely occupied at 9AM.  A couple motorcyclists and 1 or 2 other cars and that was about it.  When I returned to the car at the end of my ride though, it was quite different. Lots of trailers, trucks and folks loitering.  I guess the motorsports folks aren’t early risers.

For the most part, I did most of the Historic Hiking Loop that I hiked with Codi in December.  I had to do a work around for the start though, looks like the logging operations that were happening when Codi and I hiked had expanded their reach.  So part of the trail is closed temporarily.

The Trek Farley is just about dialed in now

Some of the blowdowns from my hike before had been removed, but the University Falls section was still closed due to logging, and it was even worse than before.

There is a trail under all that, or there used to be one.

Technically I wasn’t supposed to be “riding” this section, but it beat the heck out of riding the gravel roads…or so I thought.  In hindsight I should have just stuck to the detour.  Hoofing it over this stuff was wicked slow.

Not the most rideable section I’ve ever seen.

All in all though, it was a good ride.  I didn’t see any other cyclists though.  I did see quite a few horseshoe marks gouging the heck out of sections of the trail…..and “they” say mountain bikes do damage……….yeah right.

If the weather holds out I’m hoping to get out here a few more times before the first mountain bike race of the season.

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  1. Margaret C. says:

    It looks like a pretty rough ride…..

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