I Hate the Wind


I hate road riding in the wind.  My default on super windy days has always been to get off road one way or another.  If I have to race in it, so be it, but if I have a choice, I am going to use the woods as shelter.  That is exactly what I did today.

After mountain biking yesterday in the Tillamook Forest, I opted for Stub today.  Now I cannot tell you the last time I mountain biked two days in a row, it has been a LONG time.

parking lot was packed

I opted for the hardtail race bike today.  It has been since about November or so since I rode this bike and I have made a couple changes since then that I wanted to make sure all worked and wouldn’t present any issues at a critical moment….i.e a race.

new seat (old seat, new on bike) new rear tire and new rear wheel

All in all I am pretty happy with how it all worked today.  The trails were wet and super slick.  The trails are baked rock hard all summer and ridden quite a bit, then when it gets wet the top 1/4-1/2″ gets muddy on top of solid dirt underneath.  It made some of the corners pretty dicey.

can you see the deer butt?
The blow down theme continues
Post ride cappuccino (homemade of course)

That’s about all the excitement so far…..now I just have to last until the series finale of Downton Abbey tonight.  2 hour finale and it starts at my normal bedtime.  I should be useful at work tomorrow.

Thanks for reading


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