Hike and Bike

Mia and I took Codi out to the Tillamook Forest Center for a repeat of his very first hike with us.  We originally had hoped to head in the opposite direction on the Wilson River Trail, but not 400 yards from the Forest Center start the trail is closed in that direction due to some storm damage.  So the choice was made for us to do a repeat adventure.

The weather forecast had called for off and on showers.  We hit snow coming over the summit near Rogers Camp, but coming down the west side towards Tillamook itself the weather was actually a tad bit nicer.

Wilson Falls
Very green

We did not see another soul on our side of the river the whole hike.  There were several fishemen parked at various spots along Route 6 doing their thing on the other side.  Also at one point on the way back we felt the ground shake a bit and a slightly sustained “rumbling”.  Our only guess is that there was a slide someplace in the forest.  Luckily we didn’t see/run into anything on the way back.

Picture of Mia taking a picture of Pete taking a picture of Mia (make sense?)

About 5-10 minutes after we hit the road for the ride back it started to rain pretty hard, I think we totally lucked out!  We had some blue sky and very little drizzle during the actual hike itself.

I also took some time this weekend to set the Trek Farley up tubeless.  It went pretty easy and so far 2 days later the wheels are still holding air.

I’ve been running the Orange Seal in my road tubeless setup and have been happy.  Twice now on longer rides I have had issues with Stan’s sealant not functioning.  In both cases I had a big Stan’s “booger” in the tire where the particulates had formed a giant clump.  I’ve heard that Orange Seal doesn’t tend to do that and will stay liquid much longer.  So while I have had lots of positive experience with Stan’s rims, it is time to try an alternative to their sealant.

That’s about it for now.  Thanks for reading.


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