San Juan Huts Day 7 Into Moab!

One last night in the hut and today marked the final leg.  35 more miles and we’d be done.  We were all ready for today, there was no doubt about it.  I can’t describe or say enough about how awesome this trip was (yes Juston it was Epic!).  However I was very glad to be headed home after today.

Day 7 Geyser Pass Hut to Moab, UT

  • 34.34 miles
  • 2,274 elevation gain
  • 7,654 elevation loss!!!!!
  • 11,050 max elevation
Just a little bit more up before a lot of down

Today of course started off with a climb.  It was only 3.4ish miles, but it gained 1,442′ in those first 3.4ish miles.  It was totally worth it though, because after this it was downhill for quite awhile.

At the tippy top, mostly downhill from here

Nick, Troy and I opted for the “Whole Enchilada” route while Dean, Dave and John took one of the alternative routes today.  They avoided this steep climb at the start, but we would all meet once again around mile 12 or so.

The Whole Enchilada took in basically everything that Moab is known for.  For those who don’t know, Moab is a mountain biking mecca know worldwide for its slickrock trail systems.  I’ve been doing this biking thing for close to 30 years now and I finally got to make it here.  I was very psyched to be riding a world renowned trail system.

Ripping through some aspen groves

Today was a riding day I will not soon forget.  Ideally I would have been on my full suspension bike.  What would have been overkill for the previous 6 days would have come in very handy today.  That being said, riding Moab on a hardtail was a blast.

Just freaking Sweet!
overcooking some of the corners is not recommended

Our group of 6 met up at the designated spot like we planned.  Troy, Nick and I continued onto the Porcupine Ridge Trail while Dean, Dave, John took the Kokopelli Trail down to Moab.  Their route was a bit less technical and a lot faster than ours.  We got to ride a ton of slickrock and ride a bunch of technical stuff.  One day I will have to ride all 150 miles of the Kokopelli Trail though.

I did not take a lot of pictures today. Fatigue, plus the need to pay attention kept me occupied for the rest of this loop.  We did have some awesome views and got to ride some incredible sections of trail.  I even got the chance to whip out the medical kit to help a kid who passed us at one point and proceeded to have one heck of a crash about 100 feet later.  He was okay, but had a bloody knee and probably scared the piss out of himself.

seeing the Colorado River means we are almost done

The 3 of us dropped off the trail and onto a bike path to do a team time trial back to Moab’s downtown and Dave’s hotel.  It was only about 3 miles, but I really wanted the end to come.  Dave had promised us we could all poach his shower and it was calling my name.

Even the bike path has gorgeous views

So, that ends 7 days of adventure.  I must once again thank Dean Freeman for getting this whole thing together and for asking me to tag along!  This was a bucket list type trip and it was the total balls!

If anyone has stumbled across these posts doing research for the San Juan Huts system, I hope I have been of some help.  The route is great, you cannot go wrong doing this trip.

I must also commend the San Juan Hut folks for route design, hut stocking and having such kick ass GPS and queue sheets

Things that I learned during these 7 days

  • Elevations over 11,000+’ kick my butt
  • Chamois butter rocks
  • Powdered milk isn’t as bad as I thought
  • Canned pears are delicious after a hard day on the bike
  • A 29er may not be ideal for us shorter folks for bikepacking
    • I beat the heck out of my seat bag from it hitting the tire
  • This was a great group of 5 other guys to do this trip with

I’m blown away that we only had 2 flats and 1 broken spoke.  A few minor tubmles/crashes but no major injuries was very good too.

I’m not really sure how to end this.  It’s a week later today and I’m just starting to feel 100% again.  I definitely feel some dividends from this route.  I hope the fitness stays with me for a bit longer.

I’m already dreaming of the next trip.  Though I think Mia would kill me if I tried to do something like this sooner than every 3-4 years.  That being said, I am going to subtly start working on her to try out the Cascade Huts 3 day option for a nice intro.

All day 7 pics here

That is it for now.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. Elaine Plante says:

    Pete, what a great adventure for you! We were in Moab and surrounding area last year on our cross country trip. It is gorgeous and I give you a pat on the back for doing your traveling on your bike. Loved the stories and photos….brought back a lot of memories from our trip. You should consider writing a travel book. Would be informative for other bikers and if the book sells well it could be early retirement for you…….more time to travel! Thanks for allowing us to follow you on this amazing trip. I know Scott would probably love to do this kind of trip!!!!

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