One More Time

It’s snowing again in Portland, Oregon and this time it is serious snowfall.  I’ve made fun of how things shut down with as little as 1″ of snow.  Last night and into today though, we got 7-8″ of snow here in Hillsboro and parts of Portland proper had 10″+.  The news was showing parts of I-5 north that were at a standstill for almost 7 hours.  CRAZY!

Codi gives his “opinion” of the snow

The first text message from my boss was city hall would open for 1pm, then about 2 hours later it was we were closed for the day.  The only minor problem with us being closed is that Friday is a payday and Wednesdays are traditionally the day we do the most important part of payroll……cut checks and let people’s banks know about their direct deposits.

I “volunteered” (the joys of being management) to complete the process and let our payroll manager stay home.  The largest lesson for me today was that I really need to get my remote access setup for work, though having my two computer screens at work does make the work I have to do go much faster.

Today’s transportation

It was a slow slog to work compared to my typical ride in.  Took almost 15 minutes longer than normal to go just shy of 9 miles.  There was almost no traffic at all and no bare pavement anywhere.

outside of work

Did what I needed to do in about 3 hours and was on my way home.  The temps were up and the roads were much more slushy, so I opted for the back roads which were not nearly as wet and had a ton less traffic, plus a bit longer mileage.  Gave me the chance to hit some of the secret trails I know about and really get the Farley into its element.

On the way home
Little bit of snow build up on the way home

Looking forward to some “normal” PNW soon.  As much as I like the snow, there is a reason we moved away from it!

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  1. adventurepdx says:

    “Looking forward to some “normal” PNW soon. As much as I like the snow, there is a reason we moved away from it!”

    The truth finally comes out! 😉

    1. onrhodes says:

      I like being able to make the choice to go visit the snow (Hood, St. Helens, etc) as opposed to having it forced on us. My brother said all the snow in Concord, NH is basically gone right now. They were 52 degrees yesterday.

      1. adventurepdx says:

        I’m with you there. Southern Connecticut is not as snowy as New Hampshire, but it was still too much for my liking. I can handle a snow or two a season, but that’s enough. Ironically, I still think about moving to a snowier climate from time to time…

  2. Margaret Comire says:

    Well, if your going to experience the same kind of weather there, than you can come home…..It’s warm here at 53 degrees. Our snow is gone with none in sight for awhile…..Well do enjoy it. At least you have your fat bike as a mode of transportation….Love you’s…..Kisses to Cody/Bob…..

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