New Year’s Day Hike

I feel like I have spent a lot of time at Stub Stewart the past month or so.  Good reason though, it is only 25 minutes from home, which is maybe 5 minutes longer than going to Forest Park.  However it isn’t nearly as busy as FP which is a bonus for me.  Plus there is good mountain biking, decent hiking and camping.  I’d say it is my west coast Franklin Falls as far as riding goes.


For our super exiting New Year’s Eve Mia and I went to the movies and then dinner.  Home by 9pm and loafing on the couch until midnight.  It rained a little bit down at Progress Ridge, but when we got back to Hillsboro and close to home there was a decent amount of snow dusting the grass, but nothing on the roads.

Well, as we drove west towards the coast range and Stub this morning you could see a lot of snow in the trees and the higher hills in the area.  Our house sits about 250′ above sea level and the parking lot at Stub is just over 1,100′.  There was a good 3-4″ of snow at the Hilltop day use area, nothing like this back in Hillsboro.



Mia and I had fresh tracks on Skidder Row and Unfit Settlement.  There were a couple tire tracks down near the mountain bike area and we saw 3 riders total plus some other footprints and dog prints.  One of the cyclists said it was pretty slick out there.  We could confirm that.  With  3-4″ of snow covering areas that were still muddy underneath that meant hidden slick spots.

Up at unfit settlement viewpoint

We hiked for just a bit over 2 hours before heading home.  Great way to set the tone for 2017!

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  1. stasia:) says:

    Happy new year! 🙂

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