A Tad Sporadic


So I’ve been a bit sporadic with posts lately.  I’m sure my adoring fan (Hi Mom!) is the only one who has noticed. Mostly have to blame it on racing the fat bike category for the Oregon XC Series.  I’m the one who normally takes all the pictures during our adventures so it’s a bit difficult to take meaningful pictures and race at the same time.  Not to mention I’m just beat by the time I get home on Sunday evenings lately.  The motivation to sit down and write is pretty low.

Little room with a fat bike

I raced last weekend at my favorite course in the series.  The Coast Hills Classic in Newport, OR.  This course has everything you want.  Nice climb, fast flowy downhills, muddy sections, couple short technical sections.  It’s a blast.  I ended up with the win in the fat bike category.  Once again, not a huge turn out in that category, but I am honestly having the most fun racing my bike in a long time.  I’ve had a couple people comment that doing the “long” courses on the fat bike has got to be tough.  It isn’t easy, but it is fun.

Pint glass for some, chocolate milk cup for me

I also had the pleasure of getting to spend some time with my brother Steve.  I’ve written a couple times before about how he is an airline pilot and while PDX isn’t his normal route, sometimes he has the opportunity to pick it up when the layover makes it worth it.  This time he flew in late Monday but didn’t have to fly out again until noon on Tuesday.  So I picked him up at his hotel and we went to breakfast at Batter.  It’s close to the airport/his hotel and I knew where it was. Plus the food is really good.

Nice to see family

When your closest brother is in Austin, TX and the majority of your family lives about 3,000 miles away, any chance to hang with family is a welcome one.  Hopefully one of these times Steve gets a schedule like his first time here.  Land early afternoon and not take off until noon the next day.  Then maybe I can actually get him out to the house!

That’s about it for now.  Looking forward to June though….going to be doing a 3 day/2 night bikepacking loop with Dean out of Prineville.  Really need some tent time and exploratory riding in new territory.  It helps deep down in  my soul!

Thanks for reading,


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  1. adventurepdx says:

    Hey! I read this blog. And as far as I can tell, I’m not your mom.😉

  2. stasia:) says:

    I do too! And also not your mom. heh. Though as a sporadic blogger myself, I fully support your internet breaks;)

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