Keeping busy

Consistent crappy weather has not deterred us lately.  We have had one or two actually  nice days interspersed here and there.  Luckily one of those nice days my first mountain bike race of the season, it was held in almost perfect weather.  The record setting rains seem to have subsided and a more on and off rain all day pattern has arrived.

The Trek Farley is just about dialed in now
I’m signed up for 4 of the 6 races and am racing the fat bike category.  I had more fun racing the Farley last weekend than I have had doing any race in quite some time.  It is just a bike that makes me grin ear to ear every time I ride it.  I was even lucky enough to walk away with the win last weekend in the fat bike category.  I surprised myself a bit with my time, which would have put me 6th in my age group had I raced my “normal” bike.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

recovery hike with Mia and CB
Mia and I ended up doing a late morning hike up at Stub Stewart on Sunday as kind of an active rest day for me.  The day use parking lot was packed.  Apparently there was some sort of disc golf tournament going on and just in general with the nice weather people were out and about having picnics, hiking and horseback riding and mountain biking.

Amazingly Codi never saw this guy
Work has been actually a bit stressful lately.  We’re hiring the replacement for our soon to be retired payroll administrator, budget season is in full swing, and just a bunch of other little “things” have come my way.  It all adds up to the previous 4-5 weeks all going by in a blur.

The early summer is taking shape quite nicely right now too.  Mountain bike races through May.  Then a 2-3 day bikepacking trip in early June followed by hopefully good weather for another attempt at the Oregon Stampede loop.  Mia has Reach the Beach and a 10K in Bend too.  Then in July we have a nice vacation planned that I am really looking forward to!  After that, my summer is kind of wide open at this point and I am ready to take things as they come.  We are camping at Waldo Lake in August and hopefully a couple more camping/biking/hiking overnights tossed in there randomly.

One of the things that keeps occupying my mind lately is the potential purchase of an RV.  In this particular purchase Mia and I cannot rush into it.  We need to do our research, test drive some models and really decide what we want.  After the RV show last November I was pretty certain I was leaning towards a Class C motorhome, but lately the Class B have really been getting my interest again.

Particularly the Roadtrek Zion SRT (if money was no option)


The Roadtrek Simplicity (more “reasonable”)

or the Winnebego Travato

Realistically any purchase of this magnitude is going to be 18-36 months out.  However, I am a planner and I like to do my research!

Thanks for reading,


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Margaret Comire says:

    That RV is quite nice & would be ideal for you, MIa & Cody…..Happy to hear you & Mia are doing well. It appears you have been getting much rain….This week, being school vacation, the forecast is for a couple of days of rain….By the end of the week, it will be sunny & in the 70’s…..On Friday we are taking James to see Eartha in Maine. Since he loves geography we know he will enjoy seeing Eartha….Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the same vacation as Martha….
    Have a good week & we miss you dearly…..Maggie

  2. adventurepdx says:

    That Central Oregon bikepacking route looks promising!

    1. onrhodes says:

      Yes. I’m looking forward to seeing the painted hills again. We’re trying to decide a 100 mile day stay at hostel, finish day 2. Or do 3 50ish mile days.

      1. adventurepdx says:

        There’s just so much riding to do out there, it makes my head spin trying to figure out where exactly and what. I’m planning a week long tour in June starting at Klamath Falls. I’m still figuring it all out, but it’ll be a mixed on/off road thing

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