Silver Star Prison Break 2


For the second consecutive year I did the Silver Star Prison Break.  This year it was Juston, Paul and myself headed out to Washougal, WA for the ride.  Once again it was a pretty good turn out based on the number of cars in the parking lot.  I have no idea what the official count was, but there was a fair number of us out there.

Brian Hart, thanks for the route!
That Salsa tandem will be doing Dirty Kanza later this summer

The “official” start time was 9AM, but people were rolling out as early as 8:40.  About 10-15 of us rolled out about 9:01.  The first few miles are all pavement and mostly uphill.

Juston and Paul
Yay for Gravel!….long uphill too

It was a bit on the cool side at the start of the day.  However the bulk of the early miles are predominantly uphill.  Yes there are some quick downhills tossed in here and there, but mostly we go UP!

Not long before the high point of the day Juston, Paul and I ran into Carly and Trevor.  It was last year on this ride that I met these two.  In that time I’ve gotten to do some pretty interesting rides with them.  Carly promised some super secret forest roads at some point this year too… my curiosity has been piqued.

Three cheers for the Hart Family Cookie Stop!

Just before we bomb down a 4 mile section of gravel the Hart Family once again setup a nice cookie/refreshment stop.  Offering cookies, water, some fruit and juice to everyone.  There are more or less no services on this route at all except a small gas station about 4 miles from the end.  The Harts and their two aid stations kick butt!

last bit of the final big climb of the day

Between the cookie stop 1 there is a long climb past the prison and then a mix of pavement and gravel until we enter the Jones Creek trail system area.  This starts the last hard climb of the day, but we are once again rewarded with more cookies, juice and water from the Harts.

It is only 12ish miles from here back to the car.  You start off with a screaming gravel downhill and finish off the last 6 miles or so with some rolling pavement.

So nice to see clear sky!

Great day to ride with new and old friends.  I’ll give Dean the benefit of the doubt about missing today…it is his birthday……

Definitely a good loop and I really need to get out to the area with my mountain bike for all the trails out near Silver Star Mtn.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks for reading,


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