Ride Fat


It’s always good to have choices.  This week I’ve spent a bit too much time on the indoor trainer.   At least Mia and I got out for a short but windy ride yesterday, and thankfully it was over 50F. Today the winds were forecast to be stronger and the temps for much cooler (cold, dare I say).

More dirt showing thru at the lower elevations

When given the choice between a windy and cold road ride or a  mountain bike ride I am pretty much always going to choose the woods.  It’s more sheltered in the woods and it’s way easier to maintain some warmth mountain biking.  Having the right bike(s) for the conditions is a bonus too.

packed ice/snow and some dirt showing through

I headed out to Reheers camp to ride Triple C and Step Creek.  I just rode the hike Codi and I did on New Years Eve in reverse.  As is usual there was only one car in the parking lot when I arrived and that family had just returned from their hike  as I was starting my ride.

Trek Farley, this bike is SO MUCH FUN!

The Triple C loop was almost all rideable between all the dirt, snow and ice.  The lower sections of Step Creek were not bad either.  However the further I got into the Step Creek loop the less dirt there was.  The snow was rock solid and easy to ride on for the most part.  The biggest headache was all the post holing that the hikers had done.  I was forced to walk about 20 minutes of the ride because of how beat up the trail was from foot prints.  There was no good line to take and be able to keep riding.

Not far after this it was no longer rideable for a while

I cannot and will not complain about some hike-a-bike though.  It beat the heck out of a windy road ride and sure as heck beat riding the trainer indoors again.

That’s about all the excitement from this end.

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