Mia’s Birthday Weekend



Mia and I have been in Oregon long enough now that we have our default favorite little places to visit.  Sisters, Carlton, Cannon Beach and little old Waldport.  That is not the complete list by any means but just a highlight instead.

Mia asked several months ago if we could stay at the same rental house we did for her birthday back in 2016.  It has a hot tub, huge shower, quick walk to the beach and a fenced in yard for Codi.  It’s also priced reasonably well for the size of the house and it sits just outside of downtown Waldport and six miles from Yachats.

Rainy Saturday beach walk

The most noticeable difference to the area was right next to the rental house itself.  Back in 2016 it was a derelict greenhouse that appeared to have been closed for a number of years.  As we drove in Friday evening it was instead a tiny house village.  After inquiring with one of the residents on Saturday we found out it was relatively new and there are both sites to lease and place your own home or tiny homes you can rent just like our rental house.  I will admit it does intrigue me but it would have to be priced right to make it worth it when you compare it to the rental house we have literally right next door.

Sunday was sunny and much warmer so we hiked

Saturday was cool and rainy so we chilled out at the house, took Codi for a walk and of course hit up what is no longer a Waldport secret….the Pacific Sourdough Company for some bread and baked goods.  If you are in the area on Thurs, Fri, Saturday mornings hit them up!  Don’t wait too long though, we got there about 5 minutes past opening and were easily the 25th people in line.

We also hiked Amanda’s Trail on Sunday out of Yachats.  You start out on the Oregon Coast Trail and then head up and into the headlands for some killer views of the ocean.

Start hiking on the beach
take a selfie along the coast
get all artistic with your dog
head into the woods
quickly gain some elevation
Keep going up
Pay your respects to Amanda
Top out at the stone shelter with killer views of the Pacific

Little did we know that there was a road that people could drive up and then walk about 3 minutes to the stone shelter.  I think we made the better, and much more fun, choice by hiking the 8 miles roundtrip for the ocean to the top and back.

Mia and I spent a nice evening celebrating her birthday, having cake and chilling in the hot tub.  I can’t really ask for a better weekend.  Time with my beautiful wife, outdoor time and good food.  Pretty  much perfect!

Happy Birthday Mia!  I love you!!

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Very nice Pete! Never realized you were such a romantic guy! We are happy that you both love where you located to…..it is a beautiful part of this country!

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