I’ll Take It

It’s been wet lately. That’ll come as no surprise if you’re one of my PNW friends. For my New England family and friends…..it sure beats the snow!

It has rained out for some part (if not all parts) of every day for at least the past two week. Sometimes it is just hit or miss showers. Other times it has been just rain all day long. The forecast for the weekend was pretty much looking the same until I woke up Saturday morning and saw the latest forecast. We were getting blessed with temps in the low 50’s and about a 12-14 hour window with no rain. I’ll take it!

Still Cloudy early Saturday

By the time I finished up an easy two hour spin on Saturday the sun was shining and there was ample blue sky. It was a much needed break from the constant grey we’ve had.

Sunday was pretty much calling for the same thing. A few more clouds and the wind was a bit stiff out of the southwest. That just encouraged me to meander as much as possible to avoid the direct headwind.

Fern Hill Closure
Pretty much figured this would be the case

In all the time we’ve lived out here Fern Hill has closed at least once during the winter. The farm fields to the west side of the road get flooded as the Tualatin river flows through Forest Grove. I was cutting over from Dilley on Spring Hill and Fern Hill and was not surprised as I came up to Geiger and saw the “Road Closed” sign and gate where Fern Hill continued going straight.

You Shall Not Pass
Flooding across the road in the distance

I’ve seen years where the water was flowing directly across the street just to the other side of this gate. Today it was further up the road and more than likely flooding the Fernhill Wetlands from what I could see going up Geiger.

The 7 day forecast shows the wet weather pattern continuing. As long as I am a M-F, 8-5 working stiff I don’t really care what it does while I am stuck inside at work. However I sure appreciate it when the weekends are nice!

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