I’ve got a quick little loop from the house that takes in a little bit of everything as far as road surfaces go. However there are a couple offshoots that I was wondering where they went.

Exploration machine

The answer is nowhere or at least currently impassable may be the better description. I was stopped by a very large copse of pucker-brush. I could see the old logging road continued about 20 feet on the other side but there was really no way I was making it through that set of brambles. The option was to turn around and continue to do the “normal” loop.

Carpenter Creek logging Rd 120 looks like a dead end
There is this faint trail at the end though

There are a couple options as you follow this short trail but they all pop you out on Chanterelle Dr though. From there it is a very steep and quick drop back down to the paved section of Carpenter Creek.

There is an option to continue straight past CR120 and continue up. I have done it once and ended at a dead end. However there did appear to be a faint trail that continued on. Looking at maps and aerial images it should in theory connect up to a ridge and more logging roads. Then follow that to Roderick Rd via the backside of Farmington Rock quarry. I came out once on this road by coming over from Hagg Lake. I just need to see if I can connect it from this way.

B Street trail flooded

I’ll need a day where I am not pressed to be anywhere and don’t mind possibly turning around after a potential bushwhack. Today was a quick chance to check out one option but I get the feeling the higher up ridge exploring will be a bit more involved. It all appears to be Stimson Lumber land and they tend to be the more generous of the timber companies when it comes to allowing recreational use on their property.

Nice to see some blue sky again

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