COVID-19 Wk 9: Calm Before the Storm?


For me personally this week was pretty nice because I felt it was probably the first “normal” work week since this all began. In the previous eight weeks a core group of us have implemented a citywide COVID leave plan, a federal emergency sick leave plan, numerous changes to our timesheet program for both the new leave codes and other information for “tracking purposes only”. It’s been crazy and at times quite frustrating. Trying to communicate via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, emails, etc when when all of us are trying to work remotely at least a few days a week. Getting efficient and effective communication has been difficult at times. I will be the first to admit to having some frustrations about trying to get a point across to more than one person via email.

I’ve also been able to actually do some of my normal work that was pushed to the side for the past two months. Unfortunately some of the new projects and initiatives that I wished to start may either be delayed or just dead in the water for now.

Oregon has started to slowly reopen towards the end of this week. Unfortunately I think that in 3-4 weeks we will get another surge in cases and that things will have to revert again for some time. My personal feelings are that people are going to just forget about personal distancing and as restaurants and bars start to reopen those places will become incubators for transmission. Now remember I’m not a doctor or epidemiologist, I’m just an accountant. I guess we shall see how the next few weeks pan out.

New patio furniture

Mia and I have also finally gotten the chance to turn our attention to some home projects. Many of these were planned for last year but the Great Laundry Flood of 2019 screwed all that up. Those house repairs are FINALLY all done!

Concert tickets? Nope. Standing in line for Home Depot
Goodbye bark mulch

We removed all the bark mulch from around the fence line and installed some landscaping fabric/weed barrier and some edging too.

One layer of gravel along the fence now

We got a little smart with the stone purchase. I only needed about 1.25-1.5 cubic yards of stone. The smallest amount I could get a quote on was 2 cubic yards. That would have been way more than we needed. Instead we hit up Home Depot and for the base layer used a basic river stone. For the top layer we are using some colored stone that is slightly larger.

You can see the transition here from colored stone to basic gravel underneath

We’ve got to get around another 30(!) bags of the colored stone to finish off the project. I hope to swing into Home Depot a couple times during the week and pick up 10 or so bags at a whack. I pass it if I drive to work and right now the weather is looking like that could be a possibility instead of biking. Worst case is another trip next weekend to stand in line (again).

Using up the final bit of 2017 blueberries

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to bake this weekend. After a quiche, pumpkin bars, bread pudding and a pecan pie over the past few weeks I was kind of at a loss for what was tickling my fancy.

Sour cream in a pie? Yup

I had an additional pie crust left over from last weekend. I also wanted to clean out some of the freezer. Back in 2017 we picked about 15lbs of blueberries at one of the local farms. We froze at least 10 of that lot and have used them for various things since then. We had maybe 3.5 cups left and I was determined to use those up.

Just before going in the oven

I found this recipe for Blueberry & Sour Cream pie. I have had a sour cream based pie at some point in my life but can’t remember when or where. This recipe was very easy. I did doctor it up a bit by adding some cinnamon and vanilla to the batter. I also added some cinnamon and nutmeg to the crumble topping.

Blueberry sour cream pie
Looks good!
Blueberry sour cream pie
Crumble came out nice
Want a bite?

The verdict? Not bad. I’d probably cut back on the sugar in the crumble by about a third to maybe a half. Maybe add some oats or chopped nuts instead. I just ate a piece warm and it was good. The recipe mentions that it is good both warm or cold. I’ll find out the cold part tomorrow.

That is about it for now. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Margaret Comire says:

    Hi there: Well you & Mia surely have been busy….Your yard & new patio set are looking really nice….And that blueberry pie you made looked so yummy….we have been working in our yard too….For Mother’s day the Lemahieu’s gave us a Lilac bush so Chuckie planted it in the backyard. The hanging plant that you & Mia bought me is so beautiful…I put that one on the deck with other flowers I bought…..We also surrounded the base of 3 trees in the front yard with perennials so we don’t have to do it every year……I made myself a whipped coffee following your recipe & it was so good….When I opened up the Union Leader on the food section, there was the recipe for your whipped coffee…..I guess the fad traveled to the Northeast….We bought a riding lawn mower with the attached bag from a man in Canaan….It has 120 miles on it, it’s bright red & runs like a charm….He sold it to us for $750.00…..I am happy to hear that your house finally got repaired….I’m sure you & Mia are happy about that. ..Our mayor is also allowing stuff to reopen around here….I can’t say that we agree with it …..We feel what we have gained is definitely going to bite us in the ass….My sister & I are not allowed to visit our mother….They are the only nursing home around that has not had any staff or patients come down with the Corona & they surely want to keep it that way….Our mother is probably wondering why we aren’t going over to see her….I can’t believe Mia will be turning 50 years old….Time just goes too quickly…..She will be receiving a package from Wayfair sometime next week….They told me it should arrive on the 27th or the 28th…..So you & Mia beware of it appearing at your door….That’s all for now….
    Be well and Be safe….Love & miss you both…..Maggie and Bob…..

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